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Dan Sedwick's Treasure Auctions - 2007/2010 sales


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(10/2009) sale 5 lot 1 

Mexico City, Mexico, cob 8 escudos, 1709J, possible "Royal" presentation issue, extremely rare and choice high grade, from the 1715 Fleet. S-M30, KM-57.1, CT-101. 26.9 grams. Arguably the most important coin in this catalog, our lot #1 is unique in several ways and is among the highest-grade cob 8E we have ever seen, with full mint luster and certain details, like the cross, tapering to sharp, completely unworn tops and (to our eyes at least) apparently specially prepared on a much rounder than usual flan and with more complete and more evenly struck design than expected for the crude 1702-1710 period. Exceptional quality aside, the fact is that this coin is the ONLY clear example known of the 1709 date, and careful study indicates that the date may be re-engraved over both (170)8 and (170)7, further evidence that this was a special presentation die retained and reused for several years. Complicating matters is the fact that there are NO KNOWN Royals for the years 1703-1710 to compare with. We expect this lot will fetch well above its conservative estimate, as other Royals (even relatively common dates) have recently gotten well into six figures at auction. From the 1715 Fleet. Estimate: $35,000-$50,000.

Sold $46,000.00


(10/2009) sale 5 lot 21 

 Lima, Peru, cob 8 escudos, 1702H, from the 1715 Fleet, very rare, 
Calico Plate Coin. S-L25a, KM-38.1, CT-12. 26.9 grams. A key rarity 
(4 known, missing in the State of Florida collection), one of only 
2 found by the Real Eight Co. on the 1715 Fleet (this one among some 
1800 cobs stacked up in a disintegrated wooden chest found on Memorial 
Day of 1964 by Bob Johnson about 150 yards from the ballast pile of 
the Colored Beach wreck site), also a very photogenic coin (Plate 
Coin #218 in Calicos La Onza reference) on a broad and perfectly 
round planchet with 100% full legends and inner details, clear date 
despite very minor doubling on pillars only, lustrous AU. One of the
major highlights of this sale. From the Colored Beach site of the 
1715 Fleet, with Real Eight Co. certificate. Estimate: $20,000-$30,000.

Sold 25,300.00 w/BP (buyers premium)


(10/2009) sale 5 lot 968

 Potosi, Bolivia, cob 8 reales Royal, 1657E. S-P37a, KM-21, CT-418. 
27.6 grams. Nice strike even for a Royal (round presentation issue),
well centered and even and with no doubling, all details clear, 
typically gilded and holed and obviously worn for many years (AVF grade), 
probably because it is so lovely, yet not a particularly rare year 
for Royals (Lázaro records 7 different dies). Estimate: $2,500-$3,750.

Sold $4012.00 w/BP


(10/2009) sale 5 lot 1005

 Potosi ,Bolivia, cob 8 reales Royal, 1739M. S-P47, KM-31a, CT-837. 
25.4 grams. Like all Royal presentation issues in this era, this coin
is very think and nearly round with practically no visible legends,
but the inner details are full (choice cross and pillars) and the 
thickness of the planchet is even, which is definitely not the case 
with the business strikes. AVF with contrasting toning, holed at 
edge as usual. Estimate: $2,000-$3,000.

Sold $2832.00 w/BP


(04/2009) sale 5 - lot 260
Lima, Peru, cob 8 reales presentation strike, 1659V, "Star of Lima," rare,
finest known. S-L5. 26.9 grams. By all accounts this is the finest known 
specimen of this rare, unauthorized issue, in fact believed to be THE coin 
that was intended for presentation to the king to show off the new minting 
and ask for approval (which never came). The immense crown above the pillars 
is beautifully detailed, and the 昖? *-LIMA-1659, ??are equally impressively 
well struck above the 100% full waves, with most of the king's name PHILIPPVS 
visible in the legend, also with perfect lions and castles inside the cross on 
other side, whose bold legend shows reversed N's. Save for a touch of corrosion, 
this coin is undeniably Mint State, beautifully toned and worthy of the best 
collections. Estimate: $8,000 -$12,000. .. SOLD $18,501.00


(04/2009) sale 5 - lot 684

(1550's) Potosi Bolivia, cob 8 reales, Philip II, P-B (2nd period), "Great Module," 
largest flan ever recorded. S-P6. 26.9 grams. The biggest 8 reales cobs ever
made were the famous "Great Module" coins of 2nd-period B at Potosi and this 
specimen at 44 mm has the broadest diameter we have ever seen! The metal 
extends well past the legends in most areas, with some of the legend nevertheless 
flat and doubled, choice full shield and cross and crown, doubled P-B, 
attractively toned XF. Estimate: $2,000-$3,000. sold $2025.00

(04/2009) sale 5 - lot 755
Potosi Bolivia, cob 8 reales Royal, 1660E, very rare. S-P37a. 26.2 grams. 
Perfectly round and well centered on a broad flan, and much more evenly 
struck than the regular cobs, this Royal has the distinction of being one 
of the few issues with full 4-digit date between the pillars (Lazaro #162,
"very rare? to 4 specimens known," value $10,000), in this case possibly 
to mirror the "Star of Lima" design of the same date, all details (including 
legends) very clear despite a few weak areas, AVF, lightly toned on fields 
that show traces of old gilding, holed at top of cross side (very typical). 
Estimate: $4,000-$6,000. sold $3500.00

(04/2009) sale 5 - lot 757
Potosi Bolivia, cob 8 reales Royal, 1665E, extremely rare. S-P37a. 24.6 grams.
Well centered on a broad, round flan of even thickness (as usual), with full
details nicely accentuated by toning on fields, yet worn (Fine) and underweight
(probably lightly shaved), with tiny hole at edge, still rather rare (Lazaro #172,
"extremely rare...[no] more than 3 specimens known," value $20,000). unsold


(10/2007) sale 2 - lot 243
Association, sunk in 1707 off the Scilly Isles, southwest of England

Potosi Bolivia, cob 8 reales, 1652E transitional Type I Royal, with Brazilian 
600-reis c/m (Type III, 1663) above shield. S-P37, KM-A20.1 (c/m unlisted), 
25.7 grams. A true "wonder coin" with so many distinctions it is hard to know 
where to start! First of all, the countermark/host combination is unknown 
(unlisted in KM, which gives a value of $5,000 in VF for the equally rare 
"Star of Lima" 8R of 1659 with the same c/m) and the countermark itself is
quite bold and clear. The host coin itself, like most Royals, is remarkably 
round and well struck (for the type), albeit with a few flat spots and minor 
doubling, and in fact the pillars-side die is an exact match with lazaro #117 
(which the author valued at $45,000!), and also it is very well preserved,
with only a trace of corrosion and nicely toned on the fields. Note also 
that this is the very rare Type I, with just F-8-IIII above PL-VSVL-TRA and 
no third line above the waves. Lastly, consider the wreck, which is known for 
an odd assortment of coins, but not for this early type, which was struck some 
55 years before the sinking, during which time the coin must have hitched a ride
to Brazil and thence to Europe, either via London or the Mediterranean campaign
from whence the ill-fated Admiral Shovell was returning! Don't let the low 
estimate fool you This coin could go for another wild ride! With hand-signed 
certificate from the Isles of Scilly.
est $3500 - $10,000... SOLD $4000.00

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