Wonderful group of Lead seals from a site in Portobello, Panama

Lead seals such as cloth seals and bale seals were widely used in Europe and the Colonial Americas between the 13th and 19th centuries as a means of identification and as a component of regulation and quality control. Cloth seals appear to be the most thoroughly documented type of seal. Cloth seals were typically two disc seals joined by a connecting strip. These were intended to be folded around each side of a textile and/or cloth burlap bag and stamped closed, in a manner similar to that in which coins were stamped. 

All Historic Lead seals are quite Rare with few examples surviving from shipwrecks, due to saltwater corrosion. 

Most are recovered from land finds and burials

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Massive Large Lead Seal. 

with The Arms of Amsterdam shield. one of the largest we have ever seen.

2 1/2 inch diameter

front; 'GE BLAEUT'

back; 'OM CASTOOR'





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