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Colonial Lion Daalders

1860s' Vintage Whales Tooth

8 Realesand Other Treasures

Bolivia 8 Reales "type set" 

3 Potosi Bolivia 8 Reales from the 17th Century 

(circa 1605-1621)

 Excellent group of 3 Pieces of Eight that cover a Quarter Century of the early 1600's

$395.00 each or Special Group rate $1000.00 (shipping included in USA)

P R (curved leg), 27.3gr

Assayer Baltasar Ramos Lecta


P Q, 26.2gr

Assayer Agustin de la Quadra


P T, 26.8gr

Assayer Juan Ximenez de Tapia




Lima 1720

Nice sea-Salvaged 8 Reales from a period when coinage was scarce at the Lima Mint



Bolivia 1717 P E

Infamous Year of Blackbeard

Edward Thatch, the pirate who came to be known as Blackbeard, on November 28, 1717, he made his most famous capture. Blackbeard's capture of the 250-ton French slaver La Concorde made him one of the most dangerous pirates in the Americas. Blackbeard's gang mounted her with 22 guns and renamed her the Queen Anne's Revenge



Bolivia 1660-1669 ,  8 Reales

partial of all 3 dates visible

most likely from a Land Hoard burial




2 Reales from the Puno Hoard

1736 Bolivia 2 Reales - Puno Hoard of 1743 - NGC VF, with COA from Dan Sedwick

Nice Little 2 reales

This two reale silver piece was recovered from a lost (circa 1743)  paymaster's hoard that was recently discovered near Puno in the mountains on the Bolivian/Peruvian border. It is speculated that the mule train carrying a large hoard of coins down to the Pacific Coast to be put on galleons for Panama must have been attacked. The coins were then buried for later retrieval, but they were never retrieved.



Potosi Bolivia - 1670 P-E

8 reales 

3 dates visible

dark toned

attributated to the 1671 Seville Harbor Wrecksite



Potosi Bolivia - Piece of Eight

Sea Salvaged 8 reales (attributed to Seville Harbor Shipwreck)

NGC Certified VF15 

under close examination partial Date visible on reverse 1(671)


Great - Scarce

Lima 8 Reales 1685

sea-salvaged from an unknown wreck-site, with great details one the one side and 2 nice dates visible. 



Interesting 'clipped' 8 Reales

Potosi Bolivia 1734

done in the period as a method of making change - current weight 15.7gr



Early Mexico 4 Reales oM/F 

certifed by NGC VF35



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Colonial Lion Daalders

1860s' Vintage Whales Tooth

Colonial Lead Seals

Authentic Coin Jewelry

8 Reales

Sao Jose Shipwreck

Ring   China Trade Currency

unmounted  1 Reales

2 Reales in 14kt Gold

Santiago 1585

1715 Fleet Study Collection

El Cazador Caribbean  Florida 1700's maps

Colonial & Shipwreck Gold

Dry Tortugas Shipwreck

Art McKee

Royal Cob Research

Bob Allison Treasure Museum SS Central America

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