"Royal" Cobs and Escudos

a cross reference of past sales

The "Royals" were struck on specially selected, round planchets with special dies - the dies not necessarily having the same designs and inscriptions as those coins of the same date and mintmark in the regular coinage. Some of the better specimens may have well been sent to Spain so that the king could see for himself what fine handiwork was being done at the various mints.

Goldbergs June 2010 Sale 

Ponterio / Bowers 2000/2010

Stacks -  Dec 2009

Ira and Larry Goldberg Millennium Sale - May 2008

Heritage Auctions 2000/2009

Dan Sedwicks Treasure Sales - 2005/2009

Lima 1725 Royal Cob

Others , Ebay etc.. 

Colonial Lead Seals

Authentic Coin Jewelry

8 Reales

Sao Jose Shipwreck

Ring   China Trade Currency

unmounted  1 Reales

  2 Reales in 14kt Gold

Santiago 1585

1715 Fleet Study Collection

El Cazador   Caribbean  Florida 1700's maps

Colonial & Shipwreck Gold

Dry Tortugas Shipwreck

Art McKee

Royal Cob Research

Bob Allison Treasure Museum SS Central America












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