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BOLIVIA. Carlos II, 1665-1700.

8 Reales, 1686 P VR. Potosí. Obv. Crowned Jerusalem Cross with castles and lions in angles, framed by four curving lines. Date and partial legend, .86., CAROLVS… Rev. Partial crown over Pillars and exceptionally bold P 8 VR/ PLV SVL TRA/ VR 86 P, legend shows …OSI ANO. I686. E.L.P… Cayón 7120, KM 26. This extraordinary coin is nearly fully round and its meticulous strike with three dates suggests one of the very rare "Royals" specially prepared as part of the precious metal reserved for the King. Unpriced in KM. Extremely Fine, light green deposits on one side. (750-1,000)

Sold $1850.00

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