Sales/Results (Ponterio) Bowers & Medina


March 2010 Sale

Lot #8178. BOLIVIA. 8 Reales "Royal Presentation Strike", 1652-E. 

Description: KM-R-A20.4; Laz-120 (R4); McLean-type-IV A. Pierced and plugged. A few areas with light scratches and deposits, overall attractive and RARE. ... VERY FINE.

Estimate: $5,000 - $6,000 


Lot #8180. BOLIVIA. 8 Reales "Royal Presentation Strike", 1663-E. 

Description: KM-R21; Laz-169 (R2). Pierced at 12 o'clock. ... FINE.

Estimate: $2,000 - $2,500 


Lot #8181. BOLIVIA. 8 Reales "Royal Presentation Strike", 1668-E. 

Description: KM-R26; Laz-179 (R3). Holed and plugged, edge has been hammered. A few scratches. ... VERY FINE.

Estimate: $1,000 - $1,500 


Lot #8182. BOLIVIA. 8 Reales "Royal Presentation Strike", 1690-VR. 

Description: KM-R26; Laz-228 (R3). Pieced at 11 o'clock. Attractive. 

Estimate: $1,500 - $2,000 


Lot #8183. BOLIVIA. 8 Reales "Royal Presentation Strike", 1715-Y. 

Description: KM-R31; Laz-259 (R2). RARE date. Pierced, scratches. 

Estimate: $2,500 - $3,000 



The November 2009 Baltimore Auction World Session D

Lot # 9736
MEXICO. 4 Reales "Royal Presentation Strike," 1682-L

Sold $21,850.00

Charles II (1665-1700). KM-R39 (RARE); Cal-type-90#471 (same dies as plate coin). EXTREMELY RARE type and the first example we have handled. Our records indicate the last example to appear in auction was in June of 1978 when Superior sold the Miguel Munoz Collection, which is the plate coin in Calico and sold for $11,000 over 30 years ago. EXTREMELY RARE as a type, even RARER as a date, with only a few examples known. Holed and plugged at 12 o'clock. Boldly struck on a broad planchet, full legends and central details. Attractive VERY FINE.

Estimate $20,000-$25,000


Ponterio & Associates 2009 Chicago Auction (C.I.C.F.) Session Four


lot # 9225

BOLIVIA. 8 Reales "Royal" Presentation Strike, 1652-E.

Final Bid $3,910.00

Description: KM-unlisted, cf.R-A20 for type; Cal-unlisted, 103 for type. Laz-unlisted, 134 for type. An apparently unpublished error denomination, "4" in place of "8." VERY RARE. Holed at 12 o'clock, gilt. FINE-VERY FINE

Estimate $2000-$3000


Lot # 9492

PERU. 8 Reales "Royal" Presentation Strike, (1)700-H.

Final Bid $6,325.00

Description: KM-unlisted date, R24 for type. Cal-unlisted date, 66 for type; Laz-unlisted date. EXTREMELY RARE, possibly unique. Some doubling on reverse, holed at 12 o'clock. Guatemala countermark on reverse. VERY FINE

Estimate $4000-$6000


Lot # 2663

BOLIVIA. 8 Reales. 1737. Assayer M/E. "Royal Presentation Strike." KM-R31a. Cal-835.

Final Bid $4,025.00

Description: An unlisted mule of Lazaro-287 cross side die (clear over assayer) and Lazaro-288 pillar side die (normal assayer). Pierced as usual, light doubling on the cross. RARE. VERY FINE.Estimate $3500-$4500


Lot # 2643

BOLIVIA. 2 Reales. 1715-Y. "Royal Presentation Strike." KM-R29. Cal-1305.

Final Bid $1,265.00

Description: RARE. Two + dates, pierced as usual, About FINE.Estimate $1000-$1500


The 2009 Los Angeles ANA Auction World Session B

Lot # 9226

BOLIVIA. 8 Reales "Royal" Presentation Strike, 1660-E.

Final Bid $1,495.00

Description: KM-R21; Cal-423; Calb-1054; Laz-162. Full four-digit date between pillars. Pierced as usual, lightly gilt, FINE

Estimate $1000-$1500


Lot # 9491

PERU. 8 Reales "Royal" Presentation Strike, 1686-R.

Final Bid $2,530.00

Description: KM-R24; Cal-217; Calb-256; Laz-2. RARE. Pierced twice, gilt, VERY FINE

Estimate $2000-$3000


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